The Art of Followups – every Search Engine Marketer should know

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The successful salesman didn’t get all his sales from his first pitch to the customer. It is rare that the deal is closed the first time you talk about it to the potential buyer. These are lessons in Marketing that are valuable to those wanting to be successful as a Search Engine Maketer.

Search Engine Marketing is promoting a website by making sure it is seen by the users when they’re making a search in the internet. The success of a campaign is measured on how high the website is seen in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERP).

Art of the FollowupThere are several ways to do this. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) could be one. Or was it the other way around, such that Search Engine Marketing is an implementation of SEO. Well, since SEO is such a broad field including a lot of things done on the website (ie making sure the website is SEO optimized), Search Engine Marketing could be thought of as one separate entity.

A generic method of implementing Search Engine Marketing involves several SEO methods. Usually, the implementation could be something like (this is not in any order):

1. SEO on the website (ie website Design, webpage content based on keywords, etc.);
2. pursuing links from other websites;
3. marketing through other media (print ads could be one, or the social media which is the newer trend);
4. getting in the News (ie Google News); and
5. inclusion of analytics software to determine whether the campaign is successful or the right demographics were reached by the campaign.

Now where does the Art of Followups fall into this list?

Pursuing links from other websites is one. Getting to your audience through social media (twitter, facebook, etc.) and the News could also fall into this.

Pursuing Links from other Websites. The first time I worked on Search Engine Marketing and/or Search Engine Optimization involved pursuing links from other websites. Usually these websites are talking about similar products that we have and although not in any way legally linked with the competitor are hesitant to place a review or talk about our product.

Of the first 200 websites that we contacted (crowd sourcing helped us on this), only 3 websites wrote our product a review with a link to the website and product. That is a success rate of 1.5%.

A week later, we contacted these websites again and 10 responded with a review. That gave us a new success rate of 6.5%. That is something remarkable since by the end of one month, we already contacted more than a thousand websites – giving us 65 new links from high PR, high authority websites.

After a month, those that didn’t write about our product was follow upped again and of the two hundred around 3 or 4 gave their reviews.

The “Art of the Followup” really worked in Search Engine Marketing.

The above experience let me think of implementing the same thing with Twitter marketing. The same thing happened. Only a few bothered to open the website but a week later when I did my followup, it increased to a significant number. The same “Art of the Followup” working its magic for the Search Engine Marketing.

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