Blackberry trying to make a comeback but powered by Android

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Yes they are. The once popular Canadian company is trying to relaunch itself from obscurity, with a new product. Come now, priv described as “a flagship handheld device that will run on the Android operating system with BlackBerry security.”

Blackberry used to be a leader of the Smart Phone industry now dominated by Android and Iphone devices. When they were not able to compete with recent technologies, they shifted focus to software and services. They slowly gained a little niche with their Blackberry 10 operating system.

Unfortunately they are only  less than 1% of the whole market. So joining the fray may be a good idea to regain lost grounds.

It remains to be seen though whether this new product – expected to be launched later this year (or early next year) would be a breakout for them. There are still no indications what features there will be on the product; or whether it will retain the keyboard that is the signature of Blackberry devices or not; except that Blackberry announces that there will be a new product – and this product is powered by Android.

There are loyal die-hard Blackberry users and they will surely try this product. Probably some Android or Iphone users may try as well. But it will stay that – remained to be seen and I’m excited to see this new device.

VebaTech formerly Veba Software, Philippines is also developing applications for Android.

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