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The Board Exam Reviewer Project

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VebaTech is going full speed on The Board Exam Reviewer project. They’re going on a soft launch of an Electronics Engineering (ECE) board exam reviewer. The service is tentatively scheduled to be launched on June 1, 2016.

The ECE board exam reviewer is an online review format. Users will be practicing with multiple choice questions. It is initially launched as a Facebook app, so users need to have a Facebook account in order to use it. They’re going to launch a 7,000 MCQ question database for the ECE reviewer. These questions are on the 4 different subjects for the ECE Board.

“We believe that constant answering of multiple choice questions on topics of the Board Exam will enhance a reviewees mastery of the subjects.” Hadge Forteza, a developer from VebaTech said. “The more questions we have the better. We’re making sure also that the questions are fresh and really relevant to the Board Exams. We know that 95% of BSECE graduates have facebook accounts so we’re targetting them.”

Plans on Expanding to Different Media

“We’re currently on the Facebook platform. But we’re going to expand to different media as well. We are currently on development on the Exam Reviewer as an Android Application. We’re going to expand to IOS as well.” Hadge Forteza added.

“As for the other courses, we’re also going to launch in the near future a reviewer for Philnits.” Philnits is the Philippine’s premier accreditation program for Information Technology (IT). This used to be the JITSE – a certification program for IT hoping to make it big in Japan.

“We’re also on negotiations with review centers for the other courses. Also, an online review for the Civil Service would be a very good market since the government is the premier source of jobs for the Filipinos.”

So there you go. ECE graduates you’ll now have an improved way of reviewing for the board exams…soon.

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