Chrome 15 overtakes IE 8 as preferred browser

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Google Chrome is definitely making a name for itself as the most used browser after just three years of existence. Google Chrome version 15 is now used by approximately 23.6% of users overtaking Internet Explorer 8 at 23.5%. Firefox lags behind at a close third place.

This is according to StatCounter, a website offering web traffic analysis tools. StatCounter is a Dublin based website.

The measurement was done on a total of 15 Billion pageviews processed in their website in one month with 4 Billion coming from the US.

On December 1, it was reported already by the same website that Chrome has overtaken Firefox for the first time. Two weeks later, Chrome overtakes IE 8. But in aggregate, all IE versions still lead the Browser race with Chrome on second place and Firefox on third.

Chrome updates itself automatically so previous versions cannot be counted. IE on the other hand needs manual updates so remnants of previous IE versions are still there even versions as early as IE 6. Manual update is also done with Firefox. Google Chrome is currently in its 16.0.91 current stable release; IE is version 9; and Firefox is version 8.0.

Google is the developer of Chrome and is also a sponsor of Firefox through their paid referral agreement. Firefox uses Google as the default search engine and in turn Google pays Firefox for the service. But the agreement ended in November, 2011. It is still not clear whether Google will still sponsor Firefox when it has its own popular browser.

It may be noted that Google also sponsored a study which concluded that with the top three leading browsers (IE, Chrome and Firefox), Firefox is the least secured considering its exploit prevention measures. This study was conducted last July, 2011 and was presented to the public on December 6 by Accuvant Labs, a software security research laboratory.

With the current year ending, the incoming year would surely be exciting for these three browsers; so get your pop corns and lets watch the scene. Chrome’s momentum and IE not anymore the default browser for Windows Operating systems as well as the uncertainty of renewing the agreement between Google and Firefox – these are the things bringing change to the “browser preference” landscape.

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