Contacting Websites via Contact Forms and Emails: Effective Marketing Strategy and SEO

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If you have a product or a software or a service to offer and you want
a lot of people to know it, then this marketing strategy could be for you.

The internet is the medium reaching farther than the other media like TV, radio or print ads. In fact, more and more companies are utilizing the net in their advertising campaign. Innovative methods were invented like affiliate marketing, website advertising, social media marketing, search engine marketing and other terms not around five years ago – just to fill this niche.

This strategy could be summed up as: “Contact a lot of websites through their contact forms and/or email the website for a review on your product or service”. The strategy has been around for a long time already and is mostly connected with Search Engine Optimization. SEO is part of the strategy and every internet marketer is going to recommend this as the first thing to do in internet marketing – get your website at the top of the search engine results.

The premise for the strategy, like search engine optimization is that the more websites talking about your product, the more you’d end up higher in the search engine results. So people searching the internet for your service or product is more likely to end up in your website. So how is this done?

1. The first thing that as a marketer should do is to know the product or service to be offered. He then must connect the product or service to keywords that best represent it. Several tools are available for one to know the appropriate keywords. One example is the google’s auto complete suggestion when searching using their search box.

2. Search the internet using the keywords. But take note only of blogs and review sites – these are the only ones that will readily write a review on your product. There is no point in contacting websites that are competitors of your product or company websites that shows only specific products. There are websites also that have spinned contents – this should also be avoided. If you see that the website is not coherent in its article then don’t talk to them.

3. Search the blog or website for contact forms. You’d likely find it in their “Contact Us” link. If this fails, searching for the contact email could be done. There are several ways to determine a website owner’s email like using “whois” or “alexa” as tools. The contact form should have more preference than an email as it is more likely to be read by website owners.

4. Introduce yourself and your product. Be brief in your introduction and offer them to visit your website to test the product for free. In this regard, being more personal in your approach would prove more success for the campaign to work. Ask them to write a review for your product or service and don’t forget to thank them for the writeup.

Some websites would ask for something in return for them to write about your product. Depending on your budget or capacity sometimes you may accommodate these requests. But saying nicely that you can’t accommodate them would still work since a lot of websites and blogs prefer contents to be added to their website than anything else.

There you go. Its just a simple strategy but it would need time to implement and one must be patient to make it work.

This strategy has been proven already on products marketed by Veba Software, Philippines and they were successful on it. So if you have some software, or product or service you want to be marketed just contact them here.

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