Facebook for Android catching up with Facebook for Iphones

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Facebook for Android may not have the number of downloads that Facebook for Iphone has. But it is fast catching up. Just recently it is featured in a zdnet.com article that the number of users accessing Facebook using their Androids overtakes the number of accesses to Facebook using their Facebook for Iphone App for one day.

It may not be conclusive enough, but it could be a preview of what is to come. The week shows a head to head race for which of the two is going to have more accesses to Facebook – and the Android has prevailed. This is a race between the top downloaded Android app and the top Iphone App and could possibly trickle down to the lower ranked apps.

The average daily users of the Android App accessing Facebook is 58.8 million while accesses to Facebook using the Iphone is 57.6 million. But the average monthly users using Iphone exceeds the average monthly users using Android. There are 99.5 million users using the Iphone App, while only 86.1 million users are using the Android App – a difference of 13.4 million. In short, there are more active daily users using Android App than those using the Iphone’s.

But this difference could be overtaken once the monthly accesses are counted in – that is if the trend continues.

Even if the result was only for a day, it should be a reason to rejoice for Android App developers like Veba Software. The Iphone precedes the release of Android powered devices by 14 months, so it is expected that Iphone should have more users for now. But the landscape is slowly changing. More and more Android devices are coming out to the market, and with litigations between Apple Inc., the owner of Iphone against some Android proponents looking like lost causes, the change would become abrupt.

Android is an operating system developed by Google and used by some cellphone and tablet makers to power up their devices. Iphone on the other hand is a product of Apple Inc. and is powered by Apple’s iOS operating system. Both of these products have thousands of software developers developing applications ranging from games to high end applications. While the Iphone is exclusively made and marketed by Apple, there are several companies making devices using Android.

The Facebook accessing app for Iphones has been around for a long time already. The Android version is only two months old. So to say that the Android app is slowly catching up is an understatement. Within just two months, they are now head to head. That is already the trend even though Facebook is yet to come up with the app for the Android tablet version.

The year is ending and with some trends shaken by recent happenings in the industry, the following year would be exciting to watch. For one, the cases filed against top Android using manufacturers like Samsung, HTC and others are expected to be decided. Second, there are cases filed also by other Android powered manufacturers against Apple which could be decided also. It is expected that the outcomes of these litigations could spell the change in the industry. Let us just wait and see what happens next year.

Veba Software is a software developer currently coding applications for Android.

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