Firefox renews agreement with Google on default search engine

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It looks like I’m wrong after all, for predicting a non renewal of Google and Firefox’s agreement on the default search for Firefox. Both Mozilla Foundation (Developer of Firefox) and Google agreed to terms extending their contract to at least three years.

According to Mozilla’s Blog:

We’re pleased to announce that we have negotiated a significant and mutually beneficial revenue agreement with Google. This new agreement extends our long term search relationship with Google for at least three additional years.

The previous agreement expired last November, 2011 and for a time it looked like they’d be saying their thanks to each other and move on to separate ways.

Several factors lead me to speculate that they won’t come to another agreement. First, Google the developer of Chrome funded a research study done by accuvant to gauge security measures of preventing exploits done by browsers. The result indicated that Firefox is the least secured, making one speculate that probably Google is detaching itself from Firefox.

Second is Google has its own browser Chrome which after only three years has overtaken Firefox in terms of user preference. In fact, Chrome also overtook IE 8 as the most used browser a few days ago. This further fueled the speculation that since Google has a killer browser of its own, then why would it need another one.

Well, if Google finances Mozilla Foundation then it would further improve their market presence and maintain their lead over the other search engines. With the threat of Bing overtaking them and the proliferation of Social media as the go to applications, a little more leverage would be healthier for them. Firefox still holds 20+ % of the browsers used and it is still a significant number so a considerable number of searches in Firefox will still lead users to Google.

It looks like Firefox will still be one killer app for a while with this another round of financing from Google and Google will still be at the top of the search industry.

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