Google clarifies issue: Google and Mozilla are not Competitors

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With the unfolding of events in the past few weeks wherein Accuvant released a study declaring that the Firefox browser is the least secured; that Chrome eventually overtook Firefox as the most used browser and a week later overtook IE8; there were lots of speculations opposite to what eventually happened.

For one, who would think that a company like Google having one product called Chrome would help finance a product of its competitor called Firefox. Second, a company financed study indicated that Google Chrome is much better than the two other competitors. Third, with their market share strengthened by more usage of Chrome, why would they need another product to help them further in their business. Well, those are just ideas of simple guys like ME.

With their agreement of having Google as the default search engine for their browser ending last November, the unfolding events enumerated above seem to indicate that both Mozilla and Google are heading separate ways. But, both companies came to renew their agreement leaving a lot of internet people with mouths agape – as if telling each other: “didn’t I tell you? But, I was just so unsure”.

Well, it is once and for all explained by a Google Engineer in the person of Peter Kasting that:

It’s very simple: the primary goal of Chrome is to make the web advance as much and as quickly as possible… Like Google, Mozilla is clearly committed to the betterment of the web, and they’re spending their resources to make a great, open-source web browser…

It could all be summed up to Google’s Vision/Mission:

organize the world‘s information and make it universally accessible and useful.

Google Chrome was created to make the web advance as much and as quickly as possible to realize Google’s vision. Funding Firefox is a similar method of realizing that vision. Even though for some, it would mean that Google’s maneuvering is just maintaining their supremacy in the search engine business that they’re in. It’s sometimes difficult to understand Google superficially. We need to get deeper to understand it.

Even though Google has become a corporate entity with some of their shareholders probably not happy with the new agreement, their social responsibility which they brought towards themselves far outweighs the grunting of unhappy investors. I admire Google more for this – for being a company sticking to their values.

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