Google shares its recent changes to its search algorithm

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Google finally let people take a peek to what they’re adding to their search system. Although a video presentation last August showed how they evaluate and commit changes to their algorithm, it is only recent that they enumerate changes to the algorithm. They say they commit approximately 500 changes to their algorithm each year and it seem they want to be more transparent about it.

There are 10 changes they revealed ranging from cross language information retrieval to Better page titles in search results by de-duplicating boilerplate anchors to refining official page detection to Improvements to date-restricted queries.

In the cross language information retrieval they said they’re going to show translated content in the local language (like Afrikaans, Swahili, etc.) right below the English title result. This would help people using Swahili for instance understand the search result better.

On the Official page detection, a company’s or a country’s website would probably rank higher than their tweet or Facebook page.

They further said that these are “only a sampling of the hundreds of changes” they’re going to provide so exploiting the search results improvement for a website may not work. One particular method they seem to insinuate is on tweaking the anchor pages linking to the current page or website. Although they’re not saying how they do it, there are only a few information one can get from an anchor like title and the url itself, so these could be where one could work on.

The reason for them being more transparent these days could stem up from the government’s peeking into their system or perhaps they are fishing for people’s comments on this and succeeding changes. They did not say that the first is the reason and they only said briefly about the latter. But showing some of the changes in my opinion is good so people could scrutinize and comment whether these changes would work or not – much like how comments on open source products help provide improvements.

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