Maximizing the power of Followups in Search Engine Marketing (Part 2 of 2)

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Previously, I described the necessary things to be done before doing follow ups when performing Search Engine Marketing. The premise of that article is that before we go to our link building operation, the landing page of the marketing must be SEO optimized, enticing and that necessary contact messages are made.

With the steps enumerated in the foregoing article done, let me show you how to maximize the marketing campaign during the followup process. The questions are now: when to followup, where to followup and how to followup.

When we contacted someone in real life, especially those that we barely knew or those that we just got acquainted with, the first message isn’t really embedded to them. Situations like these would seem to them a blur and easily forgotten. So, those that has experience in marketing deem it necessary to refresh the memories with a very simple strategy: followups; and this works with Search Engine Marketing as well.

When to followup

The one thing to remember when doing the followup is never be too persuasive nor too frequent as to sound annoying. Never followup immediately such that the prospect sees a lot of followup messages without even reading the lead message. Based on experience, a followup done one week after the initial contact is the most effective.

The usual reactions from prospect when receiving the followup would be: “Oh, I thought that this was spam” or “I wasn’t able to read your message a week ago” and that is something that opens doors between you and the prospect.

The highest percentage of success falls on the first followup; in fact it is not on the first contact. This is what I experience and perhaps is true in all form of marketing. So, it is necessary that the first followup be persuasive. Succeeding followups after this has a decreasing trend of success percentage, so give the first followup the utmost attention.

Veba Software generally do up to three followups only. The first followup is done one week after the first contact; the second one a week later; and the third followup done two weeks after the second followup. We don’t do it weekly as it would sound annoying and never more than three as it would be a waste of time.

Where to followup

During the early campaigns of Veba Software’s SEM works, we used the same email or contact form we did the initial contact with. Later on we realized that perhaps the message was not sent to the recipient. If we contact the prospect using email, that won’t be a problem since we’d know that the recipient we’re contacting exist or not with the mail delivery notifications. But if we did the initial contact via contact form (Note: this is the preferred method to get hold of owner) then that would be a problem since we didn’t know whether the message is sent or not.

This lead us to implement followups using two or more methods. For example, if the initial contact was done via contact form, then the succeeding followups would include contacting through the contact form and the email found in the website, WHOIS details or Alexa Ranking.

It pays to constantly take note of multiple contact details (ie emails, contact form URI, etc.) of the website to be contacted.

How to Followup

The technique on doing this is in the message sent. You must indicate that you are already doing the followup. So a typical introductory would be: A week ago, I sent you an email

This way, the prospect would know that this is already a followup and that this is something important since the sender pays attention to those that are persistent and persuasive. But don’t just stop there. The message if it still contains the gist of the original message would be more convincing; but don’t overdo since he’s going to check the previous message anyway (most of them do).

So there you go. Don’t just read through the article. Implement it in your SEO or SEM campaigns and find out for yourself.

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