PLDT Domain Name Server (DNS) Problem

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I’ve been using PLDT (Philippine Long Distance Telephone) myDSL for nearly two years now and its been quite a ride. Sure, they provided me with good business, a fast internet; but sometimes they suck.

For three weeks already, I noticed that I have to refresh my browser two or three times because it always give me a “Server not found error”. It even came to a point that I wasn’t able to log in to my websites and thought that its godaddy’s fault.

If you have the same problem as me, well – fret no more. I found a solution to that.

Some Background on the Problem

I was aware for a long time already that this is probably a DNS (Domain Name Service) problem. A DNS server is something like an address book that relates URL (Uniform Resource Locators) to IP’s (Internet Protocol ID’s). The URL is what you write on the URL bar like ( and the IP is something like: a bunch of number.

As a background, every website in the internet is known by the IP (bunch of numbers) but we all know that remembering a bunch of numbers is very hard thing to do. We remember websites by their names not their IP. So how does your Chrome or Internet Explorer or your Firefox do it?

When you visit a website, you write the URL in the URL box; your browser is going to fetch the IP address for that from the DNS server; then the browser is going to connect to this IP address and show you the website you are looking for.

Let’s go back to PLDT and how their DNS does it. When you turn “ON” your DSL and of course your PC, PLDT’s servers gives your PC a temporary IP (your pc is known for this bunch of numbers too). Then assign your pc a DNS server where your browser is going to ask what the IP is for the URL you enter in the browser.

But this DNS they’re giving doesn’t work or is overloaded or sometimes so slow that it doesn’t respond properly to each query by your browser. So the browser can’t get the IP address of the URL leaving you with the error in the browser.

How to solve this DNS Problem

I’m going to show you how to solve this on your Windows XP – the operating system I’m still using. An article from google for your Win7 is here if you’re not using XP.

As a summary what you’re going to do is: change the DNS setting of your Internet Protocol by going to Google’s DNS server, not on the default server that PLDT gives your PC when it logs in to the DSL.

Here’s the step:

1. Open your Control Panel through the start Menu Button.

2. Click on the “Network and Internet Connections” link as shown on the image above.

3. Click on the “Network Connections” link.

LAN Connection

4. Then Right click on the “Local Area Connection” icon, then select “Properties”.

5. Then Double Click on the TCP/IP icon.

TCP IP Properties

6. Similar to the image above, change the “Preferred DNS Server” to Alternatively, you can change that to

7. Thats all, if you have your browser open, just reload it and you’ll have no more DNS problem.

The DNS IP addresses of and are Public DNS servers of

Just perform the actions above if ever you have a problem with your PLDT myDSL Connection. Good Luck…

Veba Software, Philippines is not affiliated with PLDT. But they’re using PLDT as their internet provider.

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