Samsung may sell Galaxy Phones and tablets in the US – for now

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Here is some news that budding outsource developers like Veba Software should be happy about. Last Friday, a judge in the US denied Apple, Inc’s motion for preliminary injunction. This means that as of the moment, Samsung’s Android based products like their tablets can be sold in the US pending decision on the “Infringement of Apple’s Intellectual Property Right” case filed against Samsung.

Since April 2011, Apple Inc sued Samsung for allegedly copying their Ipad design patents in Samsung Galaxy smart phones and tablets. Apple Inc also filed a motion for preliminary injunction to stop Samsung from selling these devices in the US. The judge saw it the other way.

After both sides presented their cases, the decision on the motion for preliminary injuction reads:

The Court found that Samsung was successful in raising substantial questions as to the validity of Apple’s D’087 patent and that Apple was unable to persuade the Court that it would likely succeed at trial in its efforts to uphold the validity of said patent.

A motion for preliminary injunction is usually filed by a party in civil cases stopping the other from engaging in the business they are in conflict while the case is not yet decided. In case Samsung lost this case, a permanent injunction could be imposed. But as of now while pending the decision on this case, there’s no stopping yet of Samsung from selling their Galaxy Tabs in the US.

Veba Software being engaged in software development for Android is happy with the decision. Although it is not yet clear on who would win in this litigation, Android devices gaining ground in the US is a good news for us and we hope it becomes permanent.

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