A review on the searchGBY plugin for Chrome, Firefox and Opera

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Here is a browser plugin for Chrome, Firefox and Opera that integrates all your search engine results in one page. Do your search in Google, and the results from Bing and Yahoo are shown as well.

SearchGBY is an innovative method of giving the user an easy interface to go over results from search engines – after doing a search using only one. You may wonder what the GBY at the end of the name means. That is the acronym for the top three search engines in the world: Google, Bing and Yahoo.

It is also a convenient to use and easy to install plugin that requires only a few clicks when installing to your browser. There are links in the developer’s website to the downloads for each of the browser. You may select also an option to install for all three browsers here.

searchGBY plugin for Chrome, Firefox and Opera

Let me show you how the process is done in Chrome. Visit their website using your Chrome brower. After you click the Chrome logo in the searchGBY website, and your Chrome browser downloaded the plugin, you will be shown a confirmation dialog box and all you need to do is click on the “Install” button.

Once installed, you’re now ready to experience the benefits of using searchGBY.

Go to google.com and search for any keyword. One very noticeable thing you’ll see once the results are shown is the searchGBY quick links. When you need to view the results from Bing, you just click on the Bing logo and the page will refresh with the results from Bing.com. The same thing happens if you click the “Y” logo for Yahoo, and “Ask” logo for Ask.com.

Fast Preview Feature. This feature of the plugin lets the user view screenshots of the the resulting websites. The screenshots are presented in a gallery of images giving the user ideas on what to expect from the results.

A thumbnail of what the website result looks like is also placed on the left of each search result.

Search Results from other Search Engines. After enumerated results from the search engine used. A list of results from the other search engines are also enumerated. So if you’re using google.com as the search engine, you’ll expect to see what the results from Bing are also.

Bing results shown in google search

So there you go. A very convenient plugin that I’m expecting to give me a boost in my search engine marketing works. Kudos to Leonyla for developing the searchGBY plugin and I’m hoping you’re going to like it as much as I do.

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