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Paul Clifford of Link Juice Force talks about how to set up a network of high PR (pagerank) sites in a 45 page must have SEO handbook: Link Juice Force. This book tackles how to acquire websites with high PR and in the process boost PR’s of other websites so they’d end up first in the search engines.

“If you own a network of high authority sites then you control ranking of your money sites and more importantly you can even run a business selling links to others or run your own SEO agency. Its very powerful.” Clifford describes the premise of the process.

Link Juice ForceThe book starts with how to look and eventually acquire domains with high pageranks. This part tackles on the tools used to look for expired and nearly expiring domains – which could be bought to build up the “high PR network”. Some of these domains sometimes sold by domain re-sellers have fake PR ratings and the book also describes how to find out whether or not the website you are trying to purchase tells you the actual PR.

Aside from researching on which domain to eventually buy, the book also talks about how to purchase these domains. It also presented some tricks on how to determine the appropriate time to bid on these domains maximizing your buying power.

The book however assumes that users are using WordPress as the content platform. In fact most of the tips and tricks described refers to which plugins to place in the websites created for the network.

The launching of the book is also the public release of the WordPress plugin: LinkJuice Force – a plugin to manage several websites. This plugin comes with an optional article spinner, useful for those needing contents published in their websites. The plugin is particularly useful in the implementation of the “High PR” network described in the book.

Although the plugin leaves a lot to be desired, it still does what it intends to do – which is being able to control several WordPress websites by logging only to one. I’m sure later versions of the plugin which Clifford is probably releasing in a few weeks will address some shortcomings like submitting to more than one site with different spinned contents.

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