A Survey on the top Filipino offshore outsourcing providers in vWorker

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Veba Software conducted a survey on the offshore outsourcing providers from the Philippines that are currently working in vWorker.com.

As a background, vWorker is a virtual employment agency once called rentacoder. It was established in 2001 by Ian Ippolito, the same owner of Planet Source Code. The website caters to employers from around the world looking for offshore outsourcing workers at a fraction of the usual price. There are currently 349,794 workers in vWorker (as of December 19, 2011).

Methodology. The information of the top 30,660 workers of vWorker.com were gathered from the freely available “Top Worker’s Competition” ranking. The data gathered contains the following information: Name of Worker, Location, All Worker Raw Score, Number of Jobs and whether the worker is a top worker or not. The sample workers are limited to those having done at least one project with a positive overall rating.

Distribution by Countries. The top five countries with the most number of offshore outsourcing providers are: The United States with 6687 workers; India with 4,436 workers; Romania with 2,649 workers; Pakistan with 1,765 workers; and United Kingdom with 1,689 workers. The Philippines rank number 13 on countries with workers having completed at least one project and a positive overall rating. Four hundred Filipino offshore outsourcing providers pass the criteria.

Workers by Location. Of the 400 workers from the Philippines, 1 out of 4 comes from Metro Manila. 45 comes from cebu and 29 comes from the National Capital Region.

Workers by City. Quezon City has the most number of virtual workers at 23 followed by Cebu City with 20.

Wrapping up the top 10 Filipino offshore outsourcing providers are:

1. dark.designs
#335(world) #1(Phil.) Rawscore: 325,860.15 Ave Score: 9.55
dark.designs hail from Gen. Trias Cavite, Philippines. His competencies include: php, mysql, wordpress, html, css, javascript, and ajax. He started working in vWorker.com on May 15, 2007.

2. Noel Buenaventura
#351(world) #2(Phil.) Rawscore: 316,718.96 Ave Score: 9.96
Noel Buenaventura signed up with vWorker on March 11, 2008 and has completed 767 jobs. He is a full time programmer analyst.

3. jilp
#432(world) #3(Phil.) Rawscore: 275,979.83 Ave Score: 10
jilp has been working in vWorker since December 2006. He has completed 175 projects. He is from Dasmarinas, Cavite, Philippines.

4. ARCHworX
#444(world) #4(Phil.) Rawscore: 271,938.00 Ave Score: 9.95
This Filipino outsourcing provider is from Marikina City, National Capital Region. His specialty is graphical designs.

5. MJCube
#453(world) #5(Phil.) Rawscore: 267,416.85 Ave Score: 9.72
MJCube hails from Koronadal, South Cotabato, Philippines. He’s open to any type of works.

6. angiegreenish
#576(world) #6(Phil.) Rawscore: 220,802.48 Ave Score: 9.93
Virtual Worker angiegreenish hails from Laoag City, Ilocos Norte. She provides the following as expertise: Copyediting, writing, Transcription, Proofreading, Data mining, Research, Editing, and Rewriting of articles.

7. lemon_squeezed
#695(world) #7(Phil.) Rawscore: 191,553.72 Ave Score: 8.98
It is approaching one year since lemon_squeezed last logged in. But this outsource provider is still No. 7 in the Philippines.

8. Ingrid
#776 (world) #8(Phil.) Rawscore: 175,633.64 Ave Score: 9.94
Ingrid has been accepting jobs from vWorker since 2005. Her expertise includes: editing, technical writing, Chicago Manual of Style, speech writing, web content writing, and layout and design with MS Publisher

9. TriggerMan
#778 (world) #9(Phil.) Rawscore: 175,375.90 Ave Score: 9.72
TriggerMan has been around since 2003. He is from Metro Manila

10. auxSoft
This offshore provider has been with vWorker since 2003. He last logged in on March 2010. He is an expert in Web Designing and programming.

It can be noted that from the top 10, the most popular job provided by these offshore outsourcing providers is programming followed by Graphics design, then article writing.

Veba Software already ranks No. 24 top Filipino outsourcing company offering services in vWorker within a span of less than 20 months.

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