There are now more Filipino call center agents than Indians

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There are now 400,000 call center agents in the Philippines while there are only 350,000 in India. The NY Times reported.

When an American call customer service, he will have a bigger chance of talking to a Filipino than an Indian and he’d end up not noticing that he’s talking to someone overseas. This is the trend now, even though the Philippines has one-tenth the population of India.

The Philippines a former colony of the US is more preferred by US companies owing to the Filipinos’ ability to talk American English.

Although both countries consider English as their second language, Filipinos are more adapted to the American English, while the Indians use the British English. Americans find talking to Filipino easier to understand than talking to Indian speakers which is more of the British type with its use of idioms.

Another reason could be that Filipinos start their English lessons in their first grade while India started only in the third grade.

However, India remains as the go to country for outsourcing software. The Philippines save for some software outsourcing companies like Veba Software is not even on the top 5 software outsource provider. But the Philippines is catching up.

There is no language barrier between American clients and the Filipino worker. In terms of technological know how, the Filipinos are at par with the other software providers. The top reason that western employers prefer Indians is the cost. It is cheaper to hire programmers from India than from the Philippines.

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