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Athena IT Ltd and its founder Daniel Offer is recently featured in vWorker’s Blog. Athena IT is the company that owns ChitChat for Facebook.

Veba Software is one of the workers providing marketing for Chitchat for Facebook. They have been working for Athena IT Ltd for more than a year already marketing chitchat to blogs and websites for reviews.

Daniel Offer’s story is an inspiration for other developers. He graduated from college on a time when the global crisis is on its peak. He wasn’t able to land the ideal job for the degree he holds but he didn’t lose hope.

He tinkered with different technologies like developing an “Opinion Polling” system built on Facebook’s platform. This technology together with the other technologies he wanted to develop failed to provide an impression to the public – until he got the idea on ChitChat for Facebook.

Chitchat For Facebook is a desktop application that connects with Facebook chat so the user doesn’t need to log in to Facebook to be able to chat with his friends. All they need to do is download the program and install. The software then alerts the user once friends are online and ready to chat. The software is downloaded by approximately 10,000 users per day ranking it one of the most popular applications that uses the Facebook’s platform.

Working for Athena IT Ltd definitely brought a great learning experience for Veba Software and we’re proud to say that it helped mold the young company.

Congratulations Daniel for making it big and thank you also for the experience. Your story is our inspiration.

Marie Ronaldine
Chief Finance Officer
Veba Software

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